Mission Statement: Brandywine Realty Trust

Our Mission

Brandywine Realty Trust Mission

Brandywine's mission is to design, build and maintain extraordinary and sustainable work environments for our clients, tenants, employees and communities that reflect our high standards and uncompromising commitment to excellence. We create the highest possible shareholder value by being defined as "Best of Class" in all of our development, operating and cultural endeavors by executing the following guiding principles:

  1. We will operate the Company with the overriding objective of maximizing shareholder value. That effort will be driven by a long-term perspective evidenced by high-quality asset management, exceptional market knowledge, and commitment to the soundest investment strategies.
  2. Our buildings will operate with clear and consistent emphasis on providing the absolute best customer care. We will provide safe, efficient, clean, and well-presented buildings that make our tenants proud of their office choice.
  3. As individuals, we are committed to the strictest ethical standards and will actively participate in an open, diverse and fun culture predicated on the highest individual and corporate performance standards.
  4. All new developments will be designed with sensitivity to their environmental and cultural context. Our developments will also create the highest achievable investment value through implementation of green building technologies that create healthy and high-performing work environments.
  5. We will treat all of our clients and vendors fairly, clearly recognizing the value of long-term relationships. We will not allow expediency to drive our decisions.
  6. We value our role in the communities in which we operate. As such, we are committed to active participation by all employees in civic, charitable and volunteer efforts.