Investment Criteria: Brandywine Realty Trust


Brandywine Realty Trust Investment

Since 1994, Brandywine Realty Trust has built its high-quality office portfolio through several different strategic transactions. This disciplined and focused approach has created one of the most attractive office real estate franchises in the United States.

We have accomplished this by concentrating our efforts on a handful of targeted markets. Leveraging our operating team's superior market knowledge, Brandywine has been able to selectively enhance its position over the years in these high-barriers-to-entry markets.

With Brandywine's superior management platform, we can also serve as the operating partner in a large-scale joint venture. This is especially attractive to our partners, as Brandywine is willing to invest our own equity in a transaction, as well as provide unparalleled expertise.

All of these factors allow Brandywine to consider a variety of transactions in our core markets. Our overall investment criteria is as follows:

Targeted Metropolitan Markets Targeted Metropolitan Markets Philadelphia, PA
Washington D.C.
Austin, TX
Opportunities Opportunities Existing Office Buildings
Developable Land
Redevelopment Properties
Transaction Types Transaction Types Sales, Recapitalizations or Joint Ventures
Consideration Consideration

All cash buyer with several different discretionary sources of funding.

Brandywine can also offer sellers the ability to defer taxes on a sale with an exchange for Brandywine stock (NYSE:BDN).

Contacts Contacts

Opportunities can either be sent directly to Brandywine's respective regional office or its corporate headquarters:

George S. Hasenecz
Brandywine Realty Trust
2929 Walnut Street, Suite 1700
Philadelphia, PA 19104

(610) 832-5620 Phone

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