Diversity and Inclusion: Brandywine Realty Trust: Business / Supplier Partnerships

Business / Supplier Partnerships

Brandywine is committed to supporting the economic growth and expanding business opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses.

Brandywine is committed to creating local economic opportunity, by investing in the creation of programs that serve as an incentive for local and minority businesses on procurement opportunities, encouraging the hiring of local workers, and promoting job training and technical assistance. These programs include:

Grow Philadelphia Capital

Grow Philadelphia Capital is the first uniquely created program of its kind that accelerates growth, enhances employment opportunities for local citizens, and drives economic development in communities by leveraging capital investments and building the capacity of small minority businesses. Through this program, Brandywine partners with The Enterprise Center (a well-established small business lender), by providing a sizeable cash grant to seed the fund, as well as on-going contributions.

Construction Apprenticeship Preparation Program (CAPP)

Brandywine Realty Trust is a proud sponsor of the Construction Apprenticeship Preparatory Program (CAPP). CAPP's goal is to increase the ranks of minorities and women in the Philadelphia area building trade unions by prescreening candidates for the minimum requirements of the building trades, then training them with a 15-week classroom based curriculum. Classes are held in the evenings and focus on math, test taking skills, descriptions of the various trade unions, the application process for the trade unions, life skills and interviewing skills. CAPP's leadership and instructors are retired union tradesmen who have had great success in helping to guide program graduates into numerous trade unions. For more information about CAPP, please email Walt McGill at cappmath@aol.com.

Local Sourcing Initiative

Brandywine's Local Sourcing Initiative opens doors for local West Philadelphia businesses to conduct business with Brandywine and its local tenant base. Brandywine has engaged in vendor fairs to promote introductions and connections, and offered cash discount incentives to tenants on goods and services for their initial participation—all in an effort to fuel potential tenant/vendor service relationships.

Development Partnerships / Affordable Housing Investment

Brandywine cares about the economic development of the communities in which we work and live. Through development partnerships with local Community Development Corporations (CDC's), Brandywine seeks to invest in the development of affordable housing, and is committed to providing substantial financial contributions as equity and/or debt financing for community-identified affordable housing projects within the West Philadelphia neighborhood. These community engagement initiatives are designed to provide millions of dollars of value to the local community, as well as contribute to the overall future transformation of the West Philadelphia neighborhood.